Happy June everyone, which as everyone knows, along with being the start to summer, is also LGBT Pride Month. Considering our president’s recent show of support of same-sex marriages and in New York, the wedding of a prominent elected official (City Council Speaker and mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn) I felt the urge to illustrate two fabulous lesbian brides. (I also considered illustrating two men getting married, but let’s be honest–gowns are way more fun to paint–and wear!–than tuxes or suits.)

And after doing this, I know I’d love to do even more wedding illustrations for things like invitations or save-the-date notices. Hmm, I really need to set up a shop section on this site, or at least set up an Etsy page.

And before skipping off to see what’s new at Sunday Sketches, I’d also like to give a shout-out to fellow illustrator Veron Andre who’s just started a Tumblr that features the work of different illustrators along with his own pieces. I’m so proud to be featured on it, and you can check out the Fillustrashion blog here.