Although I don’t dress this way too often, I do happen to be a big fan of the 1950s, rockabilly, pinup girl look, and I recently re-discovered an online retail shop for clothes of that style, which I’m certain is going to be the death of me. Or at least my bank account!

Anyway that site would be, where I’ve spent the past couple of weeks ogling all the halter dresses and retro swimsuits. Interesting how sexy a one pice swimsuit that covers one’s entire booty can be so much sexier than a thong bikini! But then, a lot of sexiness is confidence, and well, the models working it for this e-tailer just ooze it from every pore. For this reason I decided to illustrate one of them, Masuimi Max, who was modeling, among other fab pieces, a glamorous leopard print bathing suit paired with a badass attitude.

I had so much fun painting this portrait, that I’m sure I’ll be illustrating more pinup girls soon, so stay toon-ed!

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