Generally speaking, fashion illustrators tend to do two kinds of illustrations: Pictures of things we’d like to wear but no one’s designed yet, and things that have already been designed but we don’t own…yet… but would like to. Generally, the idea when doing the latter is do something that satisfies the soul without breaking the bank, specifically draw the clothes you want but can’t have. However in my case…. well, it’s kinda been backfiring. See, I don’t tend to swoon over outfits that make their way down runways or into the closets of celebrities as often as I lust after real-life-friendly items that can actually be found at stores… and at prices that are within the realm of reality. So illustrating the clothes I like just tends to make me even more jazzed about buying the piece rather than feeling like I no longer need to acquire it. Some examples would be the Modcloth Stripe Dress, which I illustrated here and ordered this week, an Another Man’s Treasure mint skirt I got last month and a red floral Free People dress I bought before that. There’s more, but… well, you get the picture(s).

Anyway, for this lil’ piece, there are naturally a couple of fashionable goodies I was inspired by when breaking out the watercolors. Pictured here is a red, pleated midi skirt, designed by a model whose blog I follow, Natalie Off Duty. If you’re tempted by this piece as I am, keep your eyes peeled because Natalie Suarez’s line, designed in collaboration with Volcom, is scheduled for release in June. As for the top, it was inspired by one of the ultra-affordable designs by Brooklyn-based boutique owner Lola Star. The striped halter top (though partially obscured by the girl’s hair here) reads “Coney Island” on a banner hung by adorably illustrated swallows. I couldn’t resist putting the Coney Island parachute jump in the background, in keeping with this outfit’s easy, beachside glamour.