For vintage lovers in New York City, last weekend was a twice-annual holiday, the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea. Vendors come from all around the country to sell at this event and those who love to shop for vintage–for themselves or for resale or as inspiration for designers–happily shell out $20 for the privilege.

I wrote a story for Town & Village about the event that came out today. The story’s not online so if anyone wants a copy of the paper, just email me. But if you just want the condensed version: There were tons of calf-length dresses in sheer floral fabric; I noticed many were from the 20s and 30s. Prices ran from around $285 to $550. There were also lots of bright graphic printed items from the 1950s and some filmy, white turn-of-the-century lace slips that wouldn’t fit any non-starved person I know. Men’s wear was muted: think dark colors, ties, tie tacks and vests.

The clothes were all fun, though I ended up leaving empty-handed; I find it hard to shop when I feel overwhelmed, not to mention when I’m supposed to be working. I did however leave with some great free advice on shopping for vintage from fashion writer Lynn Yaeger, who I spotted shortly after she arrived.

Her tip: “If the fabric’s rotting, don’t buy it, no matter how beautiful it is,” Yaeger said. “It can’t be fixed.”

If you missed this year’s Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show, but want to attend in the future, no worries; it takes place every spring and fall.


Photos top to bottom:

Vendor Ignacio Quiles of GP & Monty

Fashion writer Lynn Yaeger

Shopper browses at the Tangerine Boutique booth

Vendor from Amarcor Vintage

All photos taken by me, some previously published in Town & Village