Well, there really isn’t much that can be said about Tavi Gevinson that isn’t common knowledge in the world of fashion blogs. Blogging powerhouse by the age of 13, begrudgingly accepted as an exceptional personal style writer even in the magazine world not long after that (what with editors forced to sit behind her… and her giant hairbow at runway shows), and now, at the age of 15, starring in music videos. Actually singing no less, and who knew? Tavi actually has a very glamorous sounding voice (low and husky), just perfect for a folky tune like the one she belts out in the video, Dori Previn’s “Beware of Young Girls.” The video was to promote the fall collection of the clothing line Wren, which you can view at Luckymag.com.  Love those printed dresses and matching headbands! Tavi also made a great model–waif-like with black-rimmed eyes, and a slight beehive, she brings to mind a pre-drugs and pre-Mick Marianne Faithful. Just the inspiration I needed when figuring out what to sketch.

And if you have not yet been to Tavi’s blog, The Style Rookie,  what are you waiting for? Though at this point, the name is a bit misleading. TSR just had its fourth anniversary this week.

As for this drawing, it’s still a WIP, since I think it needs a border or a background or well, something. But I wanted to have something up for Sunday Sketches, so here’s what it looks like so far. Tavi was created using a regular black No. 2 pencil, and I turned it pink in Photoshop.