Since I didn’t have time this week to finish any new illustrations, I figured I’d post some recent photos. Hope you enjoy and happy April Fools. I made it through the day without anyone pulling any pranks on me. How about you?


Me in a Free People dress (seen in this illustration) My husband took this photo. The rest are by me.

Mike Zohn, co-owner of Obscura, an East Village antiques shop featured on the reality show “Oddities.” This pic, with Mike standing next to a stuffed two-headed calf, was originally published with an article I wrote for Town & Village.

More of the goodies at Obscura

Authentic jackalope! At a friend’s apartment

Tinkerbell’s toilet. No really! It was in a Tinkerbell cottage house I bought for my niece.

Work in progress shot of a recent watercolor (Louise Ebel portrait)

A Victorian jacket I bought years ago at a Manhattan flea market

Cherry blossoms in NYC, pic originally published in Town & Village