I don’t know what it is about French girls but I’ve never encountered one who didn’t know how to dress. When it comes to style that’s the right mix of feminine, casual yet put together, and luxurious, somehow they always get it right. So yeah, they’ve earned their reputation, collectively, as fashion editor muses.

Recently I spied with my little eye a striped dress on the Modcloth website, which to me just embodied Parisian chic. I unfortunately waited too long to get it and some other, lucky girl snapped up the last one, leaving me with some major un-buyers remorse.  I don’t remember the name or the label of the dress, so I’m posting this illustration here (and at the Modcloth Flickr pool)to see if anyone else remembers who designed it–and to see if I can get the e-tailer to stock it again!

Off topic, a fellow blogger commented that she hadn’t visited this blog lately because updates don’t show up on her Google Friend Connect dashboard. This would be because I lost my GFC feature in the beginning of March after switching to WordPress, as well as 175 lovely followers. So if you want to show some love for this blog, please follow via Bloglovin’ or RSS feed. Thanks!