So this week I joined Pinterest. I know I’m awfully late to that party, but fashionably so I’d like to think! At any rate, I just started the habit-forming act of pinning things, and I do like that unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest seems less all about self-promotion. (So far, anyway! We’ll see about that a year from now.)

But right now, I’m enjoying looking at all the pretty things that inspire others, from pictures of girls with cotton candy colored hair to the latest “it” bags. And re-pinning all the best ones of course.  My Pinterest page is here if you want to take a peek.

Meanwhile, my latest illustration is based on the act of “pinning,” and just for fun I made this a sort of self-portrait. The girl in this picture has my hair, similar features to me and even a red floral dress I just snagged on eBay by Free People. It’s a tad self-flattering, but I hope you can forgive me. (I’m only this tall in my dreams!) Anyway, if you’re in the mood to check out more art by other artists, please stop by Sophia’s for Sunday Sketches and Paint Party Friday.

I also have a favor to ask those who read this blog. Earlier this month, due to changes in Google policy I lost my Google Friend Connect feature and probably, most of my 175 Google followers. (This happened just as the company warned it would do to non-Blogger blogs–I recently switched over to WordPress.) So if you like this blog, please follow via Bloglovin’ (see icon on the righthand side of this blog) or via RSS (also see the right side of the blog.)


Many thanks!