Well at this point, Fashion Week has come and long gone, but there’s still plenty of inspiration to be had in all the photos of the action on the runway and off that are all over the internet. Style.com is one of the more reliable sources and it’s where I recently went to click and drool over dozens of absolutely gorgeous dresses by designer L’Wren Scott.

Granted, this up-and-comer, who’s the very significant other of Mick Jagger, has been doing shows for years, but now she’s finally known for, well, being more than the significant other of Mick Jagger.

I only had space on the page to illustrate a few designs here, but wow. Each of the  nearly three dozen to make it down the catwalk had a vintage vibe of its own, full of romanticism and drama. Think lots of velvet, fur, pin curls, even a cape!, glimmer, gloves, low hems and high heels. Suffice it to say, I want everything!


I also want to mention in this post a big thank you to fellow illustrator Laura Rosenbaum, from whom I recently won an adorable t-shirt of her design in a giveaway. And I’m also participating in Sophia’s Sunday Sketches, where you too can go if you’d like to check out more art by other artists and illustrators.