Well, New York Fashion Week is finally over. I say, “finally,” because it was actually pretty annoying to hear all these fashion journalists and bloggers chirping on and on about how busy they were with all the shows and parties they had to go to, but be sure to follow them on Twitter to keep up with all the action you weren’t invited to! Pffft.

Sorry if that sounded bitter. It’s not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy all the articles and pictures–Of course I do, I’m no fashion Grinch. It’s just that these days there seems to be more NYFW coverage than ever before and I don’t even think it’s humanly possible to read everything that’s out there. I’ve already checked out a few blogs (Nylon, Wanderlust), but I didn’t go crazy. Instead I spent the most time today on my never ending quest for inspiration on one of the more obvious sources of great coverage, which is Style.com. If you haven’t seen their NYFW coverage yet, head over because there are pics from dozens of shows.

As usual I first headed to see what Anna Sui had created, and as I hoped, she stayed true to her code by artfully put ting together glamorous hippie looks with no shortage of lace and jewel toned floral print dresses and tights in complementary hues. This season, Sui kicked her signature style up a notch with crocheted owl hats, round, oversize glasses and the occasional argyle or plaid piece. The illustration here was based on a few outfits to make their way down the runway at the Anna Sui show, but there were around 50, so it was tough to choose.

Anyway, what was your favorite show from FW of any city?