Hope everyone’s having a wonderful weekend. I certainly can’t complain since mine was full of creative stuff involving this here blog, like oh, getting the finishing touches done on it. Kudos to Jupiter Multimedia on a job well done on this website. Plus it feels great to have my own domain name and not just a Blogspot page. I also want to mention I also now have  a Facebook page and a Twitter account for My Style Canvas, and I’d love to start connecting with readers and others in the blogging community.

In other exciting news, I just had a guest post published on Fluent Beauty, a fashion and illustration blog run by the lovely Angela Leberte. Flea-market fashion-loving Angela runs the occasional feature called “In Her Closet,” in which she invites style bloggers to post pictures of their five favorite outfits. However, since mine is an illustration blog, she invited me to post my five favorite looks or trends in an illustrated format. (One of my illustrations, of Burberry’s wedge creepers, is pictured here). I had a lot of fun putting the post together, so I hope you check it out and I hope you enjoy it. I also hope you’ll take some time to scroll around Angela’s site and check out her amazing digital fashion illustrations.