I honestly don’t know what inspired me to illustrate a couple of young, chic gypsy women, but once I have one of my “Ooh!” moments, it’s over. I literally can’t focus on anything else until I translate my inspiration onto paper. And so was the case with this work in watercolor, in which the girls pictured here don’t exist in reality (as far as I know.) But they’ve been in my head, chucking away in amusement at… well, who even knows what…since the weekend. That’s when I finally got a rare chance to vege and check out the latest floral dresses to arrive on Modcloth.com. (There’s another obsession of mine, though if you’ve been reading this blog a while, you already probably knew that!) So there I was, loading up my cart with all kinds of vintage-inspired clothes and jewelry, when I realized I should probably save myself from, er… myself, and spend my time being creative rather than spend my money. So… this is the result, and if you like what these ladies are wearing, their outfits (and even their accessories) do in fact exist and you can find ’em on Modcloth. On girl on the left: Case in Pointillism dress, Heidkruger boots On girl on right: Hop Sketch dress, First Lace Winner belt and Best Trip Everglades shoes