Well, let me first start by saying that this was supposed to be a post featuring an illustration of a snakeskin clutch I won through a blog promotion, but since it’s not done yet, I thought I’d share some artwork I did when I was a teenager. I was scrolling through some of my old art folders, and found, well, mostly stuff too embarrassing to show anyone (like, um, gargoyles and modelesque vampires) but also some stuff that wasn’t too cheesy, like some portraits and self-portraits. It’s interesting to see how much my style has evolved since I was seventeen, but also how in some ways, it’s stayed the same. Well, anyway, here are a few cell phone pics I took of the illustrations. Geez I feel naked right now.

Me at four or five years old
Me at seventeen (Don’t mind the bitchy expression. I’m sure I was just…. concentrating hard.)
Portrait of model Shalom Harlow in color pencil
Top two: Portraits of friends,
Bottom: Girl in lust with her reflection
Edward Scissorhands (because what goth girl’s
art arsenal would be complete without him?)
Oh, and if you guys feel like seeing more artwork by other artists, head over to Sophia’s for Sunday Sketches.