It’s definitely been a while since I did a simple pencil sketch, and I’m not sure exactly what made me return to the medium. Well… probably the fact that I ran out of watercolor paper had a little something to do with it!

But anyway, I’m not complaining because plain black pencil worked out just perfectly for illustrating one of the many gorgeous photos online of “Miss Pandora” a.k.a. Louise Ebel, a French blogger. This sketch is based on a particularly dramatic black and white photo.

I only recently became of a follower of Louise’s blog, Pandora, but ever since I did I’ve had to constantly remember to pick my jaw up from the floor after looking at the pictures. This is because they’re consistently beautiful in an ethereal and romantic way (there’s no shortage of outdoor shoots in gardens!) and posts often include Louise’s references and inspirations like old paintings and antique furniture.

I’ll definitely be posting more artwork inspired by Louise. In the meantime, you can visit Pandora here.