I have to admit; I used to hate Evan Rachel Wood. Nothing personal of course, since I’ve never met her, nor have I seen any of her films. It’s just that for a while there I was really creeped out by the fact that she was in part the reason for the breakup of the marriage of Dita Von Teese (who I’m a big fan of) and Marilyn Manson. Besides, at Evan’s age at the time, 19, and Manson’s, 38, it was kind of, well… gross to see them traipsing around together and swapping makeup tips. And then there was Evan’s phase of copying Dita’s style, which was just plain weird.
However, here’s where I stop being totally catty (Didn’t think that was gonna happen in this post, didja?) and give credit where it is due. Following some awkward phases, Evan went on to show up all the haters with her own new, sophisticated style. Her outfits were still inspired by old Hollywood, but with soft makeup and modern touches. I was especially enamored with how she looked as a redhead for a while but recently she went back to being a blonde and I think that looks good on her, too. Recently, I found a photo of ERW looking especially glamorous on a fashion blog (I forget which one, unfortunately) and knew I wanted to illustrate it. I absolutely loved the little red dress she was wearing, especially with the way it was paired with a leather jacket, oversized glasses and a simple updo. Hope you enjoy.
Has anyone else discovered any impressive celebrity fashion transformations lately?