Lover of skinny jeans that I am, I tend to wear them pretty often, usually when I don’t want to think too hard about an outfit. But of course that means wearing the same old black, grey and blue pairs gets kind of stale-feeling after the first bazillion times.
Fortunately, this season, there are all kinds of patterns on jeans to keep things interesting, from animal print to graphic to floral. What I really like about this trend is that with patterns, they’re staples as well as statement pieces, so you don’t have to think too hard about what to wear with your jeans, top or shoe-wise. (Though I tend to like how they look with pumps!)
Anyway, yesterday I treated myself to a grey, leopard patterned pair from Nordstrom. I’d been eyeing these leopard legged cuties by the label S.O.N.G. for a while, and like I anything else I’m obsessed over, I had to illustrate them (in a prior post, which you can see here. Well technically that illustration was of the more high-end Current Elliott version, but um, they seem to be pretty identical to the S.O.N.G.s as far as I can tell. ) 
I’ve also been admiring some other patterned pairs, a few of which I illustrated in this here post, and they are:
Black and off-black houndstooth by J Brand, available at Nordstrom
Dark floral by BDG, available at Urban Outfitters

Black and off-black floral by Jack by BB Dakota, available at Modcloth
But enough about me and my denim preferences. What do you all think of the patterned jeans trend? I’m way more into this than I’ve been about other jeans trends like wax coatings (why?) and neon colors (honestly what’s attractive about glowing in the dark?).