If you guys saw my last blog post, you know that I recently entered a clothing design contest being organized by Modcloth. And by the way–voting’s still open for the five top designs that will actually get manufactured and sold on the Modcloth site, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Seriously, I’d love if it you’d vote for me, since…. well…  as of now I’m getting absolutely clobbered by people with legions of Facebook friends. This is because the voting’s done through Facebook, and ends on Friday. You can vote each day it’s open.

Slightly off topic, when entering the competition I submitted five designs and two were selected as finalists, a dress and a blouse. As for the other three items, I actually had a lot of fun creating them, and plan to find out how to get the goodies manufactured on my own. Below you’ll find one of my rejected items, a dress inspired by one of my fashion muses, Karen Elson, and you can see and vote for the finalists through the above links.
This dress was actually my favorite of the bunch.