Today Modcloth announced the winners of its Make the Cut Contest, in which customers were given the opportunity to submit their own designs, with five winners actually getting their garments manufactured and sold. For those who missed the previous posts on the subject, I had two designs make the finalist round, but sadly for me, I got clobbered in the online community vote on Facebook. (Definitely a lesson to bulk up the ol’ friends list.)

Anyway I thought I would post the five designs that won the popular vote, followed by my five favorites. Over this past week, I was encouraged by people I know to try and get my dress and blouse designs manufactured and I think I will. I also hope some of the others who entered do the same, because there was some real talent there!

1. Cassie L. Thompson
2. Maria Catalano
3. Casey Durbin Shapiro
4. Hannah Yung
5. Nicole Parker
Amber Middaugh (So country doll pretty!)
Amber Middaugh (This one too. Makes me wish for summer.)
Liz Callahan
(Though not a top five, it was chosen as an additional winner.)
Jennifer Popplewell (Too cute!)
Kelli Ward (So Mad Men!)
And in case you didn’t see ’em, here are my designs, which I was proud of.
Daisy print dress with lace panels
Blouse with lace panels