So… the other week I entered a contest being sponsored by Modcloth, in which contestants were invited to submit designs for articles of clothing that, if chosen as winners, will be sold on the e-tailer’s site! Winners also get a $500 prize. Out of the five designs I submitted, two were accepted as finalists and are now listed as the Sabina Mollot Dress (pictured above) and the Sabina Mollot Top (pictured below) on the Modcloth community voting page on Facebook.

For those unfamiliar with Modcloth, get out from that rock you’ve been living under and go check out their fab vintage-inspired dresses and other pretty things!

And while you’re at it, please go to their Facebook fan page vote for my designs. Pretty please, guys, it would seriously mean the universe to me. You can vote every day until the community vote ends on Dec. 16. In order to vote, you’ll first have to like the Modcloth page (of course) but they’re not too annoying or spammy with their posts like some companies so please don’t let that turn you off.

I hope that you like my designs, and if you do, you can vote for both my dress and my blouse through these here links. (Did you notice both pieces feature lace panels? I’m kind of obsessed with those at the moment. So pretty without showing too much skin.) Many thanks, guys, and I promise to return the favor if you enter a contest. Just make sure you let me know about it.