Happy Saturday everyone. Hope everyone’s having a good weekend. I’m home with my watercolor set, some fashion magazines, some wine and oh yeah my husband, so I’m certainly not gonna complain about anything. Especially since he just (finally!) set up the scanner we’ve had for a million years. Hooray! No more discolored illustrations posted using iPhone pics!
But I digress. Today’s illustration was inspired by Sarah Whitney of Pandora’s Box Blog. If you’re not familiar with Pandora’s Box, please do check it out because Sarah’s South California style is always fun and flattering in a 60s druggie rock groupie mistress way. Now who doesn’t want to look like that? Exactly. Think lots of vintage dresses, chunky jewelry, fierce platforms, and lately, some surprisingly chic ponchos. 
Here’s what I also like: Unlike some bloggers, who insist on bombarding readers with constant pointless posts of mediocre outfits, what they last ate at a restaurant, and apologies for not blogging even more, Sarah is a believer in quality not quantity. Her outfit photos, taken by photographer Ryan Vanderheyden,  are posted on average twice a month, but always worth the wait. I illustrated Sarah once before but don’t go lookin’ at it. This effort worked out much better, IMHO. 
Anyway if you’re so inclined, you can see the real Sarah here.