I’ve been thinking about some cute things I’d like to acquire for fall–well actually that’s a pretty long list–but a few of them have been sticking out in my mind in particular. Why? Because they’re statement pieces, and often wearing one of those means that you don’t have to think too hard about the rest of your outfit because that one thing has already made the fashion magic happen.
Here are some examples I’m currently intrigued by.

Leopard jeans
Skinny jeans returned to mainstream fashion in the early 00s, and have stayed hot ever since. Fashion mags can keep touting wide leg trousers all they want, but the reality is all you need to do is look at the streets of NYC for five minutes if you need proof that skinnies are here to stay. That said, if you’re the type to wear jeans often you’re going to want to shake things up a little beyond the standard black or dark blue. Bold color like red or green is one way to do that, but another is a rock and roll inspired pattern like leopard print. Though this style would also work paired with bright color I think a neutral is even cooler, yet slightly more understated so you could wear it frequently and not tire of it after a few nights out.

Little socks 

Wearing little girlie socks with heels, instead of the more expected tights or nothing at all, is not a look for everyone. However, I tend to think that’s just because some people will instinctively cringe, picturing images of girls in 80s music videos with huge hair and neon bangles to go with said socks and heels. This new way to wear little socks is different though, as it tends to work with vintage outfits and oxford shoes for a sweeter look. It can also be a handy way to slightly dress down an overtly sexy shoe like an open toed pump. Here I illustrated a sheer pair of socks with polka dots as well as fishnets since I think both looks are fun but still versatile.

White lace dress

A white lace dress might seem too precious or froufrou to be chic but the reality is that such an overtly angelic look just gives the wearer an excuse to pile on the badass accessories. Think black leather woven belts, chunky metal rings and bracelets, and motorcycle boots. Or go the route of the girl illustrated here (I couldn’t resist making her look a bit like a goth Zooey Deschanel) and pair it with thick black tights, a floppy hat and a dark-lipsticked pout.