Everyone, meet David. David here is one half of the blogging duo behind the fashion and photography blog Broken Cookies. (I illustrated the other half, Sabinna, here.)
Anyway obviously this portrait is a bit different than the fashion illustrations I normally do, but for some reason I couldn’t imagine drawing David, a student of  business, any other way. Lots of lines drawn as deliberately and graphically as possible.

David doesn’t get too personal on Broken Cookies, so it’s hard for me to describe him here, but he is a fantastic photographer, always capturing photos of friends and nightlife in London and architecture in ways that make you want to jump into the pictures and join in the fun and excitement. Naturally he also always takes great photos of Sabinna, his partner and a fashion student, whose creations, whether a flapper dress made out of cassette tapes or an illustrated children’s book, are always an inspiration.
You can check ’em out here.

Update: For this post I participated in Sophia’s Sketch Sundays.