Despite being a lover of fashion and having a fashion blog, I’m not normally one to get too wrapped up in trends. If I like it I wear it, regardless of whether anyone else has discovered it yet or even if they already all have years ago and it’s hideously out of style. Hey, I like to think of this philosophy towards dressing as staying true to my code, but maybe I’m just stubborn.
But moving on, occasionally even I’ll get smitten by a trend, and right now the big one that’s doing it for me is star print on dresses as well as accessories. I’m a loyal devotee to florals and animal print but somehow this print feels just as fun and even more modern, without trying too hard. (I loathe some patterns like anything too graphic or psychedelic looking.) Also, other “classic” prints like stripes and plaid can get boring.
So at some point I need to go shopping and get me some star spangled glamour before it’s all sold out. Not sure what to get yet but in the meantime I’ll dream of bold color and elegant fabric as seen in this season’s Dolce & Gabbana creations, one of which inspired this illustration.