Ever hold on to a particular outfit for just the right special time? You couldn’t wear it any day because a) it’s too fancy and b) then you’d have to do your hair and makeup a certain way and pair them with a certain kind of shoes, which as it turns out, you don’t own, and the accessory situation isn’t any better…

And then there are other times when common sense takes in and you just say: Screw it.

Well that was my day yesterday. I bought this 1950s-looking, floral dress earlier in the summer at a shop called Thirteen Vintage in New Hope, PA, and I’ve been wanting to wear it ever since. So I put it on yesterday for an early dinner out with my husband and his parents. Because sometimes it’s fun to be overdressed.

Dress: Hell Bunny Vixen, shoes: Jessica Simpson, bead necklace: Joyce Leslie, bracelet: Le Chateu