A couple of days ago I was at the office of my newspaper’s publisher sorting through archives from 60 years ago. I was supposed to be focusing on the news stories from back then for our “This Week in History…” feature, but I found myself equally interested in the all the advertisements we ran at the time. They were all for local (Manhattan) stores, only instead of the ads we see today, which feature photos of people enjoying various products and services, those products and services were all sold through watercolor illustrations. Each and every one! Whether it was ads for adults’ and children’s clothing or specially priced foods at the supermarket’s deli counter.
There were even weekly editorial illustrations, usually of street scenes at local parks or construction sites. This was done rather than print photos, which were usually to expensive for a community weekly like mine to get.
At any rate, those illustrations from 1951 inspired today’s My Style Canvas entry, as did a recent post on The Shoe Girl. That blog, if you’re not familiar with it, is authored by a shoe designer who also collects shoes from many other designers–almost exclusively of the luxury variety with heels that are sky-high. This week, there was a post about author Celine’s recent purchase of high-heeled Burberry creepers. I’ve always been a fan of creepers as long as they were of the square and pointy-toed variety–which is more true to the style seen on punk rockers in the 1980s. I’ve always found the round-toed kind a little too clownish. 
BUT I digress from the point of this post, which is to pay tribute to the illustrated advertisements–and great style–of the past.