I want to start this post by thanking everyone who participated in my first giveaway, because that means you follow the My Style Canvas blog or you recently signed up to do so. I was especially touched that a couple of you blogged about the giveaway on your own blogs–again thank you.

But since there could only be one winner of the custom illustration, that person is Mia of the blog Heylilahey. I’ve actually followed her personal style and art blog a while now and if you haven’t yet checked her out, please do so.

As to how I chose the winner, I just put the names of those who entered–and some people got a few entries each–onto little pieces of crumpled paper that I threw into a hat. Then I picked one. (I thought a random drawing seemed like the fairest way to go about things because you know I love you all.)

Anyway looking forward to posting more art, which I will do so very soon.