Those of you saw my earlier post may or may not have known that the pretty girl with the festive updo I was illustrating was Sabinna, one half of the blogging duo that puts out Broken-Cookies. The other half is David, who I would also like to capture in paint at some point.

If you’re not familiar with their blog, check it out. They’re both university students based in London and their photo sets are often collage-like and dreamy, making nights out on the town somehow seem like an arty thing to do. And speaking of which, there’s always something creative going on at BC. In a recent post, Sabinna posed in a flapper-style dress of her own creation made out of all cassette tapes.

The illustration you see here is based on a photo from the blog but I took a bit of artistic license, turning Sabinna’s grey top into a striped one since I though it lent a little more to the Euro gamine look I was going for. (Hope that doesn’t seem too creepy of me!)