So… (since a few of you asked so nicely *blush*) I’m posting a few pics of myself today. (The rest are below.) These were taken by my husband in a sushi place we like where the lighting is blessedly dim and no one seemed to care that I was hamming it up at the bar for some iPhone pics.

Anyhoo. What I especially liked about these photos is that we used an app called Plastic Bullet, which basically mimics the effect of an old, cheap camera, complete with overexposure and the occasional busted piece of “film.” You can adjust the settings too if you don’t like how the photos are turning out.

I only learned about this program recently although he says it’s been around for ages and I’m the last person to know about it. Meh. Prob’ly. But I don’t care! I thought it was cool and wanted to share it anyway since so many of you also like playing around with your cameras for art’s sake and just for fun’s sake, too.