Was just looking through my iPhoto albums and realized there were a whole bunch of gems I hadn’t posted from my recent trip to the Sunshine State. Florida is home to so many beautiful kinds of tropical plantlife and I was really impressed after visiting Leu Botanical Gardens in Orlando. So naturally I hope you will be too! (You can see my original post, detailing some cool local fashion stuff here.)

Now them’s leaves!

These too! Each one was about two three to four feet long.

The Spanish moss hanging from trees was everywhere. It gave all the trees such a spooky look.

Flowers as far as the eye could see
I have no idea what these are.
 The Leu Rose Garden
This turn-of-the-century wedding gown was located in one of the bedrooms in the Leu House, the house owned by the family that created and owned the garden, before giving it to the city of Orlando in the 1960s. The house was full of beautiful antiques like this.
A sunhat and granny boots, age unknown, I’m guessing from the turn of the century or a bit later

Beaded purses from the 1920s
Artwork made from human hair (At one time this was a common thing, usually made from the hair of a dead person)

An antique dollhouse in one of the bedrooms 
Hats from various periods
Gourmet chocolate leopard heels at a shop called Peterbrooke on Park Avenue
At Peterbrooke, bacon gets wrapped in chocolate. But never mind that, just look at the edible shoes in the window.
Here’s a closeup! Mmm… Jimmy Choos.
What post about Florida would be complete without an obligatory gator pic? (God alligators give me the creeps!)