So I spent a week wondering why the t-shirt I designed for a contest Urban Outfitters is holding didn’t post to their website, but it finally looks like it did. Er… three times. Serves me right for being computer illiterate.

But at any rate, if you guys could take a minute to rate my design (preferably a high rating) I’d be incredibly grateful. The design, as shown above, is based on three Urban Outfitters dresses that are actually hanging in my closet. I think I have more UO in my closet than anything else at this point. I used to like Anthropologie better, but lately I’ve felt that Urban clothes are just edgier, less froufrou and more sexy without being overtly so. And even though the threads are aimed at college girls, they’re always very well made.

Well anyway back to the contest. There are over a thousand entries at this point so any help here would be appreciated! My design is here.

(For this post I participated in Sunday Sketches, hosted by Sophia. See who else posted art here.)