So today’s illustration was inspired by a girl I passed by on the street earlier this week in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood, who is, naturally, pictured here.

When I passed by her on the sidewalk she was talking to a guy on a scooter nearby and the two graciously allowed me to snap away at them with my iPhone camera while they continued their conversation. (I ended up not including the young man in the illustration but I might do one of him later.)
Anyway, she caught my eye because of her fierce LBD (worn here with a hoodie) and wedge shoes with cutouts, as well as a calm confidence she seemed to exude. Now of course I need those shoes! The funny thing was I didn’t even notice the ferocious statement accessory she was wearing as well–a bat tattoo across her chest–until after I started taking photos. I should have gotten her name. This girl has to be an alt model or something. 
Sadly I ended up not liking this illustration as much other b/w portraits I’ve done like the one of Rumi Neely, because I used a new kind of paint here that I don’t plan to use again. It was a weird almost blue when it was supposed to be gray and didn’t spread well. Tip to other users of watercolors: Grumbacher’s not a great brand. To make up for the weakness of the paint, I did something I haven’t in a while, which is top off the illustration with a pen. I kind of dig that look though because it gives the picture a comic-book like feel, and makes me want to write a story and start cartooning!