I know I don’t usually post pictures of myself, but sometimes… well… I just feel like it, okay?

Probably those reading this who like to wear vintage clothes and clothes that are vintage-looking know about Modcloth, a great e-tailer for new clothes that are inspired by styles of the past. I’ve been shopping there a while now and one of the neat things about the site is that they encourage customers to post pictures of themselves wearing the clothes on their Flickr account. You need a Flickr account to do this but they’re easy to start and free.

Anyway this is my first time posting a picture of myself there though I did post a couple of my illustrations which happened to be inspired by Modcloth’s clothes, which you can also view here and here. (Thanks again to Modcloth’s admins for putting them in “Favorites.” And if you haven’t done so, yet, check out their customer outfit photo pool. The outfits and photography vary widely, but it’s always fun to look.