Greetings from Orlando, Florida.
Yep that’s where I am right now staying with friends, and enjoying the local wildlife (gators at Gatorland, birds of prey at a special sanctuary), not to mention the teeny brown lizards which overrun all the streets here.
Yesterday I also got to walk around Orange St. (a.k.a. antiques row) and see cool stuff like a truly old school record store, several impressive antique shops, and a vintage clothing store where–unlike in NYC–everything wasn’t completely overpriced ($16 for vintage slips, under $20 for many of the accessories). There I got a black eyelet sundress which the owner thought was from the 1960s and a cute gold-tone bow necklace from the 1950s, both of which I’m wearing in the top two photos (I’m also wearing a straw hat I got from eBay and Nine West open toe booties). Hope I get to go back to that vintage store–it’s called Deja Vu Vintage–before I leave because the owner said she puts new things out every day. The bow necklace I snagged had actually been the very last thing she put out, in fact. 
Today we went to Park Ave. which is a more upscale area with more pricey shops but many of them well worth it like places for custom blended spices, gourmet chocolates and the most exquisite cheeses. 
The morning was spent at the coolest farmer’s market where I had a bagel with lox that rivals some of the best places in NYC, sipped a raspberry banana smoothie, and shamelessly took pics of some well-dressed locals. Florida fashion seems to be all about tropical prints, florals, rompers and maxi dresses. And the occasional hair flower accessory which I’m always a fan of.
Well anyway I’m off to join my hosts for our end of the world dinner party tonight. (Anyone else even paying attention to those armageddon predictions?