So there I was feeling uninspired, not knowing what to paint when for once I actually had some time on my hands (thanks, Memorial Day!) when I found the latest entry to the blog Bleubird Vintage,ย and immediately whipped out my watercolor set.
If you’re not familiar with this blog, Bleubird is a collection of the author’s (Miss James) photos depicting not only her own personal style but that of her whole adorable family. Sometimes she even posts cute shots of the way she decorates rooms in her house with things like vintage books and games and no shortage of bright, kid-friendly, yet somehow still cool colors.
As for her own style, M.J. reminds be a bit ofย  a doll with a city meets country vibe. Plenty of longish to very long skirts, an array of cute flats (hey she’s got little birds to run after!), and no shortage of floral and other patterns. Also, this girl is not afraid of color, or even granny chic. (Think big hats and pale pantyhose.)
I actually found Bleubird via Modcloth’s blog since they sometimes interview personal style bloggers, and in the case of some, like Miss James, actually name dresses after them. (Cough, cough, me next! Will work for floral dresses and Oxford heels!)
Well anyway here’s my attempt to capture this blogger’s look. Due to the intricate flower pattern on her dress, I would have to say this is probably the most challenging blogger illustration I’ve done so far. I don’t know what to think of it though, so if you could leave me a comment or constructive criticism, I would very much appreciate it! Thanks.

Note: For this post, I participated in Sunday Sketches, hosted by Sophia atย Blue Chair Diary.