As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been on a major fashion blogger kick lately. I’ve been reading a lot more fashion blogs since starting my own last summer and have really been inspired by the effort that goes into some of the better ones, even when the bloggers aren’t making a dime for their photo shoots. 
This is actually my second illustration of Kerry from Yours Truly blog. She’s a textile designer for a living but also puts together the cutest vintage outfits and always makes them look fancy yet wearable. This is a talent I admire because, let’s face it, real vintage from the 50s and 60s can be hard to wear without appearing costumey, or worse, frumpy church lady. The trick is, I think, a) buying clothes that actually fit properly or being willing to invest in the necessary alterations, b) taking some artistic license and not worrying so much how things are supposed to look for that era and c) taking the time to do the makeup and hair to go with that net veil hat or mod-girl shift dress. Time consuming? Definitely, but so worth it. (Of course I would say that since my biggest fashion muse ever is Dita Von Teese.)