There are girls who always know how to pull together a cute outfit for their blog-reading audiences, giving us a quick fashion fix and some inspiration, and then there are the girls who take things a step further and take us to another place altogether.
A blog I’ve really been enjoying lately is Yours Truly blog, a project of a vintage-loving doll from the U.K. named Kerry. In every post she wears something that looks like came from a movie from the early 60s, and in fact, thanks to her frequent thrift scoring, usually does. She takes the look all the way with pin-up-y makeup and hair, which is either styled into the perfect red bob or beehive — depends on her mood. 
More often than not though, Kerry’s mood is evident by the smile on her face. Hey I’d smile too if I had her talent for making a fishnet veil hat, floral minidress and white stockings into the perfect outfit for an afternoon date.
If you haven’t seen her blog, yet, you can check it out here.