It kind of feels like words won’t do justice to Making Magique, a fashion blog with a somehow new-feeling theme of American girl in Paris, but I’ll give it a whirl.
Haleigh, the mind and heart behind Making Magique, is a pure romantic. Her posts generally have some fairytale in them, whether it’s in an obvious way, like the dreamy Little Red Riding Hood photo set this watercolor was inspired by, or in some subtle fashion, like the Alice in Wonderland-esque blue nail polish on her fingers and matching petticoat in another post.
What I especially like is the dreamy vibe of all the posts. Even when she lets us know she’s tinted her hair with streaks of her pink, the resulting photos somehow feel ripped from a magazine rather than labored over to describe some trend, designer or fashion tip.
If you want to lose yourself for a while, you can check out Making Magique here.