I used to have an art professor in college who would go around the class saying “Feel the paint” and “Become one with the paint” as we were all attempting to get his lame assignments over with. I used to roll my eyes because it seemed like the world’s most obvious advice, like “Don’t forget to taste that food.” But then, sometimes we can miss things that are right in front of our faces. An art is there to make us look at things differently, or at least just really look at them period.
Anyway I’m bringing that up because the feel of things–literally, not figuratively–is something I’m very focused on that the moment. Specifically, I want to work on capturing the feel of fabric and materials in my illustrations. Like in this one: There’s the fur on this model’s jacket. The red lipstick on her lips, the way her hair, which is probably bleached, falls around her shoulders. Each has its own feel and I hope to eventually be able to show things like that. 
As for who I painted, for this illustration, I was inspired (as I often am) by the photos on Jak and Jil blog, which this week featured models backstage at Dior. I loved their makeup and hair because it was very old Hollywood in terms of dramatic eyes, lips and soft pin-waved hair, but with a loose and easy modern spin on it.