This is by far the most goth looking thing I’ve ever painted–at least since the 90s and occasionally had an inverted cross painted under my own eye. Or a black liquid liner swirl a la Death from Sandman comics. (Yeah yeah in hindsight we can all silently vomit!) Anyhoo, this week I was reminded of the fact that the goth look, from inverted cross pendants to strategically shredded black clothing, can in fact be really chic and decadent.
Not to mention somehow refreshing when everyone in the fashion universe is going on and on about how it’s all about bright neons for spring. 
But if you don’t believe me see for yourself by visiting the blog With Asian Stereotypes and the accompanying W.A.S. clothing and jewelry shop.
Though it hasn’t even been updated since the fall, the publisher China Le (who has no interest in my comments or yours) has consistently turned out post after post of gorgeous black and white fashion photos. I don’t know where they’re from but the items featured in the blog’s shop I believe are Le’s and they’re pretty fairly priced too. I’ve posted a few of the pieces here, since they’re what inspired this illustration. Well, that and the fact that lately I’ve been thinking antler headpieces might just be the boater hat of 2011. Seriously, I am waiting for this look to catch on.