When you were doing something naughty and a grownup asked you what exactly you were planning on doing with your life, did you say: I plan on running my own business, selling pink roller skates with pom poms and stuffed unicorns? And just maybe some rhinestone-studded cat eye sunglasses and baby doll t-shirts with burlesque dancers on them, from out of the cutest store on the boardwalk just a stone’s throw away from the Wonder Wheel? Oh and also as a side biz… a roller rink might be fun.
What a coincidence. So did we!
Which is why we’ve fallen in love with Lola Star, because let’s admit it, girlfriend did it first.
And in the process, fought with a rather nasty landlord, lost her lease to both her boardwalk shop and her roller rink more times than you can shake a fuzzy leopard-print magic wand at, usually just for speaking up for the neighborhood and similarly situated retailers. At this time, Lola Star is still looking for a new home for the skating but still has a home in Coney Island for the shopping as well as a pop-up location in Soho. Now, if you’re from Brooklyn like we are, this makes her a hometown hero… and we haven’t even gotten into her fabulous tee shirt designs yet. Yeah… this chick designs cute clothes too. So check her out here (www.lolastar.com)
And you’re welcome.