Lately when looking for inspiration, I haven’t had to look any farther than the blogs I’ve been reading. I haven’t been doing this too long and I admit I only really became immersed in the fashion blogosphere about a month or two ago. I mean there were a few fashion blogs I’ve been reading religiously for the past couple of years but now there are dozens of others I look forward to checking regularly as well. Hey, just because you’re not as well-known as Rumi or Tavi doesn’t mean your posts can’t be as beautiful or as interesting.
On that note, recently I was asked to create an illustration for another blog, Hivennn, and this is the result. The blogger behind it, Jazzy E, is a stylish and talented jewelry maker, and finding inspiration in her posts was hardly difficult. Her designs are romantic with a rough edge and I find that her outfit posts, like the one this illustration is based on, have the same feel.  Even more interesting than that though is that unlike the rest of us bloggers, Jazzy is no comment-whore. In fact, she’s disabled comments on her site. So her motives for Hivennn have nothing to with attention or validation. If you wanna check out her jewelry or photos, visit her blog here.