So one of my new favorite blogs is Fashionsnag. If you’re not familiar with this blog, the publisher, Jacqueline, models a fabulous designer outfit from her own closet for almost near-daily posts. She’s actually a student by day and one gets the impression her boyfriend is the photographer. But, before, you dismiss her her as just another blogging fashion enthusiast with more Birkins than brains, it’s worth noting that Jacqueline is a risk taker when it comes to style and never a trend follower. Outfit choices tend to include lots of leather: leggings, fringed miniskirts, buckled sci-fi a-line skirts, etc., fur: jackets, stoles, etc., and sky high heeled shoes in designer labels too numerous to start name-dropping. No safe, everyday, office-friendly choices here. No reliance on logo-covered status purchases either.
Additionally, her shoots are always interesting. They tend to be outdoors in rural settings where you figure at any moment a horse named Bronwyn or Sweet Caroline is going to come out and nibble some sugar out of Jacqueline’s hand. (This hasn’t actually happened yet, but just keep tunin’ in… cuz… um… yeah.)
Anyway, the premise of Fashionsnag is that our fair fashion filly lives for a good discount, and frequently shops at places like and to score deals like 30-80 percent off on her Giuseppe Zanotti, Helmut Lang and Elizabeth and James. Of course, most women who couldn’t  afford these designer goodies at full price wouldn’t be able to get them at half off either, but that hardly matters. One doesn’t need to have Jacqueline’s budget to benefit from her passion or insight about putting together a look that’s unexpected and fun. You just have to be willing to keep your eyes open for statement pieces and then actually work them into your wardrobe–and life.
Off topic, as for this post, I’ve been noticing other illustration blogs posting pics that show the progress of the artists’ paintings. I always think that’s cool when I see it so I did the same here. As always, please let me know you think!
Many thanks!

Update: Jacqueline said she has in fact fed some horses in previous posts. Now how did I miss that?

Here’s the pic before I added any color. Don’t mind the yellow cast. I took this pic with an iPhone rather than scan it.
Pic before I added color to the background