One of my new fashion muses is St. Vincent–that would be the singer, not the shuttered NYC hospital. Her real name is Annie Clark, and I love her style for a couple of reasons. 1) Her choices are always incredibly girly and usually paired with minimal makeup consisting of ruby lips and accentuated lashes. No rock and roll smoky eyes for her–not that I don’t love that look, but considering her eyes are already so luminous she doesn’t really need it. Often she’ll take the stage in something lacy or floral, usually a dress. 2) I also love that she rocks her natural curly hair. No flatironing ever. I guess I’m a bit envious because despite how I depicted myself in the illustrated header of this blog, my hair is naturally curly. It doesn’t look anything like St. Vincent’s, though. So I should try and find out what her secret is. Her hair is seriously sproingy.

Anyway here’s a drawing I made of her. I made it a while back but never got around to posting it.