I don’t know what I could say about Rumi Neely, the blogger behind Fashion Toast, that everyone else in the blogosphere doesn’t know already. But she has the most followers on Bloglovin’, is now the face of Forever 21, and gets all kinds of cool, designer threads “gifted,” prompting fashion bloggerettes everywhere to step up their games and post more often, style better outfits and remember that dreams can come true for those with an eye for style, providing they’re willing to work their leggings-covered butts off!
Anyway I painted this image of Rumi based on a photo on her blog a while back where she was roaming through the West Village in NYC. I loved her outfit here because it was both romantic and funky. She truly got the vibe of the place she was visiting with her floppy hat, tall boots and casually thrown on bracelets–but it was still 100 percent her own style. As a native New Yorker, I tip my own oversized, floppy hat to her.