There’s a perfect outfit for every situation, at least in my head. Now, you might think one wouldn’t need to wear anything special to sit by a window and contemplate life (or the bendability of one’s own feet), and you’d be right. You certainly wouldn’t. But… Let’s be honest. Isn’t everything more fun when you’re wearing something that reflects your mood? Even when your mood is completely dreadful?
I got inspired to draw this witchy woman with spiky hair after reading an interview with Winona Ryder from a year ago in Blackbook magazine. Always a master of understated style, the reclusive actress was wearing something similar to this in one of the photos, including the perfectly cuffed jeans. And somehow that small flash of leg made makes the denim/loose sweater combo seem both mysterious and sexy. 
And I can’t help but notice that this season, a lot of girls have been cropping their jeans, sometimes to show off their ankle socks or shoes better, sometimes not. 
As for the pentagram/cluster of smaller stars tattoo I added here, that was just for fun.
Now what about you? Are cropped jeans and black everything your idea of fun?