Recently I was offered a gift of a vintage fur coat. Pretty sweet, huh? I thought so too, especially since I still mourn the loss of that blue bunny coat. However, I ended up not accepting it since the coat, which ended up being donated, was 12 sizes too large. Altering it was of course a possibility but I just felt the size difference was too great and having it made smaller would have ruined the way it was cut. That said, if you find yourself the recipient of a coat that is too large, before you say anything, cuff those sleeves!
Sounds like an obvious thing to do I know when trying on clothes, but my husband, who was with me when I tried on the coat, suggested I do that and it actually did work. The coat was white with dolman sleeves (like our illustrated model is wearing here) and cuffing the sleeves gave it and almost rock and roll, casually thrown on look. Just picture it with skinny black pants and lots of glittery black eyeliner and you’ll get the idea. I also think the black dress I illustrated this chick with and the Silly Bandz on her wrist give the same effect.
Had the coat only been a few sizes too big I think it could have worked out really well for yours truly. But like I said, it really was just too big and I didn’t want to look like I’d stolen the thing from some well-heeled and well-rounded lady. So I passed. But I’ll remember that trick in the future with things that are just a little too big. Hope you do too!