I don’t know why but I tend to get very excited about couples who love to dress up. My husband and I are that way even though he sometimes gets ripped on by his friends for his formal jackets with black jeans and silver jewelry. (Why guys love to give each other a hard time for putting effort into their outfits I don’t know but I respect him for not caving in to the pressure to dress like everyone else.)
Well, anyway, I recently found an awesome photo from Vogue of one of my favoritest fashiony couples ever, Jack White and wife Karen Elson, and decided to duplicate it in watercolor.
Rather than scan it, I just took a photo of the painting with my new iPhone. The cameras on these things are incredible. I don’t even need my regular (two-year-old digital camera) anymore. Just mentioning this because, while I normally don’t care about the latest gadget, I really do think iPhones are great because they’re so easy to use, even if you’re normally intimidated by electronics like I am. Keep that in mind if your phone account is set to expire soon.