This was originally going to be an art post, but then I thought better of it. Why try to compete with the work of pro photographers?

This past weekend I was covering an event for my day job as a newspaper editor/reporter and that event was the Fall 2010 NYC Zombie Crawl in Manhattan. Basically an event where hundreds of people gather, dress like zombies, and limp, walk and even dance around while moaning about brains and drinking at bars. I also had fun though since my husband Edward, a special effects makeup artist, insisted on making me up look like the Tim Burton character Corpse Bride. So while I was taking pictures of zombies, I also had a lot of people taking mine, including a couple of pro photographers. A snapshot of me with my camera even ended up on the Gothamist.

Anyway I’m posting this because clothing-wise, zombie makes a pretty simple and affordable Halloween costume. It’s really just about investing in some makeup, as these amazing photos, taken by Raymond Haddad and Chuck Figueroa, will show.

Outfit: White dress “gifted” from a friend, bouquet, veil and floral crown from a crafts store, wig made out of yarn by Edward (yarn also from a craftstore), socks from… somewhere, canvas heels from Payless, Ben Nye greasepaint makeup from Ricky’s and Halloween Adventure, NYC, motorcycle borrowed without permission