So today I’m going to break one of my own rules and post a picture of myself wearing something cute. How fashion bloggerific of me! Well the reason I’m making an exception because recently a photographer I met (who I’m now friends with) asked me if I’d pose for some pictures for his portfolio. And this lovely pic is one of the results. I’m wearing a dress that I painted in an earlier post about how much I like Urban Outfitters.  And really does this look like a dress that you’d find at a chainstore aimed at college girls? Right. That’s why I love shopping there; UO is full of surprises.

Christopher Mealie, the photog, thought of the dress as being very Old Hollywood. I thought of it more as being something a wood nymph would wear before getting into trouble somehow. Either way I felt right at home in Christopher’s backyard in front of what is now a garage (and used to be a stable and slaughterhouse a century ago!). Anyway if you want to see some cool dramatic photography, Google Christopher’s work as well as that of his girlfriend, Stephanie Crabe.