Okay, it’s official: Karen Elson has earned the title of style muse.
Why exactly is hard to pin down, but there’s something bizarrely cute about an English supermodel turned rockstar wife turned morbid Americana blues singer. Seriously, I mean… where did her new persona come from? Elson’s tunes couldn’t be more different from her husband’s. And the way she can rock out in a floor-length, peach-colored dress draped with fringe and a yellow feather hairpiece makes me want to throw out everything in my overly black closet, stick a yellow feather in my own cap and call it macaroni.
I just love that she owns her completely un-trendy music style when she comes from a high fashion background. Not to mention the way she sings about spooky things like murder and ghosts while–and I can’t stress this enough–wearing yellow. Having gorgeous red curly hair in a dolly style doesn’t hurt, either.
I’ll definitely be following her future wardrobe choices for inspiration.